Recipe | Sambal Suna ft. Kalimantan Tengah

There were too many men.

I had become accustomed to spending quiet, intimate moments with grandmothers, mothers, wives, aunts and daughters in village kitchens across Indonesia in the preceding months. It was a natural connection — woman to woman — and put me at ease, especially because I was a lone, female traveler. I felt comfortable putting my guard down only in the company of other females.

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Video | Kenta How-to

How else can you cook rice besides steaming, stir-frying, boiling, or roasting? We thought we knew all the ways…until we found Kenta in Central Kalimantan. Watch this short video to learn how freshly-harvested rice is celebrated among the Dayak Ngaju tribe.

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Video | Kalimantan Tengah

Central Kalimantan, an Indonesian province in Borneo, the world’s third-largest island, is a region in the midst of a complex struggle to sustain its economy, environment and culture, all which are at odds.

Watch this special episode to see how Crystal discovered that wanting to learn about Central Kalimantan’s food and produce meant needing to learn about the province as a whole as well.

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