Feature | Destination Starfish

After months of researching, promoting and getting ASLI FOOD PROJECT off the ground, I’m delighted to announce the first destination for my field research.

When looking at a map of Indonesia, I have always thought this island resembles a starfish. Four, long peninsulas stretch out like arms lazily floating in the water, swaying with the currents of the ocean.

Welcome to Sulawesi.

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Recipe | Sprouted Sorghum Cake ft. Nusa Tenggara Timur

The first time I brought life into this world?

I was 10 years old.

For children in classrooms across America, it was a rite of passage to sprout a dried lima bean. Each child was provided a plastic ziplock bag, paper towel, lima bean and water. We were taught to “wake up” the bean by re-hydrating it in water, keep it moist with a damp paper towel, and “feed” it with sunlight. Once the foot of a root peeked out, I was a proud momma.

Taking an otherwise forgotten dried bean and coaxing it to life was my first realization that nature’s power was a gift to cherish.

20 years later, I was raising an army of sorghum seeds in the kitchen.

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