Asli (bahasa Indonesia)—original, indigenous, native.

One word. Multiple applications for the purpose of this project.

ASLI FOOD PROJECT ft. Northwest Coast has three main objectives—(1) To learn about traditional ingredients and techniques used in Native American cuisine across the region, (2) to chronicle the journey by which these are learned and feature the people sharing the knowledge, and (3) to facilitate the conservation of this knowledge with fellow chefs and food industry leaders.

(1) ASLI FOOD PROJECT ft. Northwest Coast will gather information, either through firsthand accounts or prior research conducted, on ingredients used in the region for native cuisine. This project will also record the recipes and techniques behind the dishes that incorporate these ingredients.

(2) ASLI FOOD PROJECT ft. Northwest Coast recognizes the power of storytelling to educate and what is learned is nothing without context. The project will use photography, videography, writing and speaking events to share behind-the-scene and reflective moments of the research gathered, travel conducted, and people met in hopes of drawing audiences into recognizing the value behind this region’s cultural wealth and protecting it.

(3) ASLI FOOD PROJECT ft. Northwest Coast views the local food industry as an effective conduit to translate what is learned into real-world applications. The project seeks those in the industry keen on enriching the education of their staff and experience for their guests by integrating the cuisine of Native American tribes into their kitchens and menus.

ASLI FOOD PROJECT ft. Northwest Coast needs you to make this project successful! Follow us and share our adventure with others as we travel across the region in the name of cuisine and culture.

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