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Video | Lesser Sunda Islands

Four weeks, three islands, two countries, one traveler. In this latest episode, join Crystal as she hops across the geographical region known as the Lesser Sunda Islands, and watch to discover the unifier of all her destinations with the ever-present assistance of locals. Subscribe to our Youtube channel to watch new videos first!

Video | Seeking Cuisine, Discovering Indonesia

Listen to Crystal’s talk at co-working space Outpost in Canggu, Bali, about her past year exploring regions of Indonesia overlooked by foreigners and Indonesians alike. Armed with stories and culinary tales, she reveals her experiences uncovering the regional gems of Indonesia in food and culture. Tune in! Subscribe to our Youtube channel to watch new videos first!


Did you know?

We’ve gathered recipes, both traditional and inspired, from our travels in Indonesia! Go to our blog to discover and read the stories behind how we collected them from our new friends across the country.


Attention! Geography lesson needed.

Indonesia, or the Indonesian archipelago, is broken down into 7 islands or group of islands. Read more.


Who is behind ASLI FOOD PROJECT ft. Indonesia?

Meet Crystal and find out why a career in the kitchen incubated the idea for this project. Read more.