Video by VILLD | Resin

We started watching these videos made by VILLD, a collaboration between wild food chef Ossi Paloneva and journalist Noora Shingler in Finland, and couldn’t stop!

VILLD was originally a pop-up restaurant founded by Paloneva in 2015. He foraged most of the restaurant’s raw ingredients from the region surrounding Vaasa, Finland. It became a “test laboratory where nature came to the plate in unprejudiced and unexpected forms” and was well-received by guests.

In 2017, in response to customers becoming increasingly curious about the ingredients and stories behind them, instead of re-opening the restaurant, Paloneva decided to establish VILLD as an education program on Finnish wild food and how to prepare them. He partnered with Shingler to produce Youtube videos where Paloneva forages and cooks, and Shingler guides the content with questions and commentary on the process.

In this first video, resin is the main ingredient. In following videos, ingredients like bladder wrack, rowanberries and lichen are foraged for and then cooked. It’s fascinating! We’d love to model our videos after theirs one day.

Follow their Youtube channel to support them like we are!

Note: English subtitles are available.

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