Video | Sagu How-to

Have you ever seen how a sagu palm tree is processed from tree to starch? This short how-to video from our research trip reveals the traditional step-by-step technique used in Southeast Sulawesi by local farmers. Plus – an inside look on how it is cooked!

Special thanks to Rizky, Budur and Darman in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi. If not for them, this field trip to Andaroa village would not have been possible.

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Recipe | Juhu Singkah ft. Kalimantan Tengah

My first thought was,

“These open-toed Birkenstocks were not the right choice of footwear for this afternoon walk in the jungle.”

While my eyes were quick to track the mosquitoes swarming me, the eyes of the Dayak minas leading me were quick to track something else.

Itu rotan.”

I squinted my eyes. “Dimana?”

They pointed and I spotted a menacing vine covered with thorns suspended mid-air between trees.

“Itu rotan?”


How the first Dayaks came to see this plant — the same source of material for outdoor furniture and handicrafts — as edible is beyond me.
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