Interview | Food n’ Road

How friendships are made…

Our founder, Crystal, met Karina and Adriano, the creators of Food n’ Road, during one of her speaking events in Bali. This enterprising Brazilian couple were at the start of creating their own project — one to use food tourism as a way to sustain local food traditions found during their travels — and soon, a coffee date was made to compare notes of each others’ experiences!

The interview between Crystal and Food n’ Road was recently published on their website. Below is a preview of the interview. To read it in full, click here.

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Video | Lesser Sunda Islands

Four weeks, three islands, two countries, one traveler. In this latest episode, join Crystal as she hops across the geographical region known as the Lesser Sunda Islands, and watch to discover the unifier of all her destinations with the ever-present assistance of locals.

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Feature | Three Kitchens

How do I get invited into kitchens as a stranger?

This is a familiar challenge in the food industry, especially for cooks in search of broadening their experience with stages.

There are cooks who use every connection to close in on degrees of separation. There are cooks who send emails to the world’s Michelin-starred or Pellegrino-listed restaurants and hope for a response. There are cooks who camp outside doors of restaurants they wish to work in, even though they have already been rejected.

I went through this ritual three years ago when I left my job in New York City to travel across the Asia-Pacific and stage at restaurants in the region — all without having contacts, but trusting in the journey to open doors along the way.

Could I apply the same strategy as I traveled throughout rural Sulawesi?

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