Feature | Just Your Average Gardener

My first conversation with Dr. Wawan Sujarwo went a little something like this.

Him: “How did you find my [research] paper?”

Me: “I found it on Google.”

Him: “But how did you access it? You need to have a subscription to a scientific journal database to read it.”

Me: “I asked a friend who works at a university research library to get it for me.”

Him: “And you’re a chef?”

Me: “Yes.”

Him: “I’m fairly certain no chef has ever read my paper before.”

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Feature | Treasure Hunt

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the first post of ASLI FOOD PROJECT ft. Indonesia.

Join me as I dig deep into what can best be described as a passion project. I’ll pore over dusty old books and scientific research papers, and then trek through the jungles, rivers and villages of Indonesia. All in the name of plants.

Why am I so interested in plants? I have no idea. I think it’s because I’m curious.

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